I probably care too much.

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Emma and Manny fighting


i am very suspicious of this gifset, it seems uncomfortably pro-emma

in the bottom left why do we get emma’s line after manny’s rather than the one before, which is, iirc, “at least *i’m* not getting pregnant”

why do we get emma looking all sad that manny doesn’t want to be friends but not emma calling manny the school slut

even in that first gif, in addition to manny being correct, that’s after emma has spent an episode calling manny’s interests stupid

also just for extra context, in the last gif, emma hates manny for being filmed taking her shirt off while totally wasted by a dude emma had a crush on, who emma later goes on to date with zero remorse about the fact that he sexually exploited her best friend and sent the video to the entire school

i am a verifiable scholar of emma’s awfulness studies ok all i’m asking is that my discipline be accurately represented to the public

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degrassi the next generation:it goes there

Oh man, there is so much to talk about with each of these individual story lines. But definitely not enough time tonight. (No matter how much I want to).